Saturday, March 10, 2012

Radio insiders discuss Limbaugh

FRIDAY 3/9/12- Media consultant Holland Cooke and a Rush Limbaugh affiliate station owner examine the aftermath of Rush's comments about a law school student advocating publicly financed birth control.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

International sensation Celtic Woman

WEDNESDAY 3/7/12- They first got noticed on PBS television, and now the ladies of Celtic Woman have become an international sensation. The BELIEVE 2012 North American Tour kicked-off in February. The group recently went to Washington to the Pentagon to meet with General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, and followed with a visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital.

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Does Rock music make you racist?

TUESDAY 3/6/12- Just a few minutes of listening to mainstream rock music such as Bruce Springsteen and the White Stripes is enough to make white students focus on the interests of other whites at the expense of back people and latinos, according to a dubious university research project, which went on to claim that white students who listened to Top 40 pop - made by artists such as Gwen Stefani and Akon - were fairer towards other ethnic groups. The researchers, who tested 138 students with different genres, say the finding shows that because rock is associated with white people, people unconsciously favour their own race after listening. After listening to Bruce Springsteen and the White Stripes, the students handed most of the money to white people.

"Rock music is generally associated with white Americans, so we believe it cues white listeners to think about their positive association with their own in-group,"said Heather LaMarre, an assistant professor of journalism and mass communication at the University of Minnesota. The conclusions of this study are being challenged because the sample size and testing methodology are highly questionable.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bob Crane of C.Crane electronics

TUESDAY 3/6/12- Bob Crane is the founder of the C.Crane Company (est. 1976), where you will find high quality, innovative electronic products for the consumer who truly appreciates top-of-the line radios, wi-fi devices, emergency communications equipment, digital recorders, LED lighting, and accessories.

NOTE: To get a free C.CRane Catalog, or to order, go to Allan’s Rock Talk website and click on the banner on the left with the image of the 2012 catalog. Or call 1-800-522-8863, and use the code “ALLAN” when asked.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush's apology = more lost advertisers

MONDAY 3/5/12- Each day brings more fallout for Mr. Limbaugh, after his derisive comments about a law school student who is advocating publicly funded contraception for women. Despite a formal apology from the ultra-conservative talk show host, sponsors continue to head for the exits. Is the situation becoming terminal?

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Rush (part 2)

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Rush (part 3)

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SUNDAY syndicated program 3/4/12 (hr1)

This week Allan welcomes one of the pioneers of early Rock N Roll, Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon. Although he doesn’t make a big deal about it, he was never paid for all those hits he had for Swan Records. His new book, Where the Action Is! Freddy Boom Boom Cannon.

Allan also welcomes back Pat Buchanan and asks what happened at MSNBC, where he no longer works. Rock expert Denny Somach joins Allan to talk about his longtime friend of Davy Jones, who passed away unexpectedly.

Also tonight, Allan wants you to weigh in on what should happen to the Federal Judge, Richard Cebull who admits to sending out a racist email from his chambers about President Obama’s Mom having sex with a dog.

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SUNDAY syndicated program 3/4/12

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SUNDAY syndicated program 3/4/12 (hr3)

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rush tests the limits (part 2)


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Rush tests the limits of free speech....again

FRIDAY 3/2/12- Rush Limbaugh’s insulting remark about Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke may be the last straw for many of his corporate sponsors. Thousands of angry customers have been inundating dozens of Limbaugh’s corporate sponsors, demanding that they cut ties with the program. So far, Sleep Number, The Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom and Citrix have pulled ads from the program, and several others are considering following their lead.

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Should this federal judge be removed?

Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull is in the national spotlight over an email he sent about a bestiality-themed joke concerning President Obama and the President’s mother. “Hope it touches your heart as it did mine,” the judge had joked.

The joke in question? Likened having intercourse with a black man to having sex with a dog:

A little boy said to his mother; “Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?”

His mother replied, “Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!”

Judge Cebull apologized for the email after it became public, saying that he hadn’t initially “send the joke as racist,” although “that’s what it is.” The Ninth Circuit is set to conduct a misconduct review at Cebull’s own request.

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federal judge (part 2)

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