Saturday, May 22, 2010

When will the next "Big One" hit?

(WEDNESDAY 5/19/10) David Nabhan, a former earthquake preparedness coordinator for fifteen years, pieces together an astounding history of past earthquakes, and uses that pattern to formulate specific times and dates of higher probability for seismic activity on the West Coast to the year 2020. His previous work, "Predicting the Next Great Quake" successfully forecasted a dozen large seismic events, including the 1996 magnitude 5.4 Seattle quake, which struck no more than 69 minutes away from the time and date predicted.

"Forecasting the Catastrophe" examines the interlocking parts of a scientific detective story of earthquake prediction that ranges from the steppes of Russia, to the jungles of Central America, and back to the San Andreas Fault Zone in the United States.

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