Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is H1N1 a big scam?

That's the question being raised by Dr. Cass Ingram, a prominent expert on medicinal properties, who accuses the pharmaceutical industry of fabricating an epidemic to sell vaccines.

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  1. This guy came across as a quack in the realm of a snake oil salesmen. His arguements were weak, his information incomplete and he was overall seriously misleading. He showed his true colors when the first caller asked for advice on how to handle not wanting to get the H1N1 vaccine at work and he told her to lie ('make up something like its against your religion, claim 1st amendment rights are being violated' etc). He also made a big deal out of getting virus from a corpse (paraphrasing.. 'I don't want a dead person injected in me') but did not really mention anything related to the corpse when a caller asked him why that was a big deal. Allan did a disservice to all his listeners by 'not' disclosing Up Front, what this guys degree was (MD, PHD, PharmD or purchased from the back of a magazine?) and explaining that this guy did/did not believe in ANY vaccinations on such a serious topic as preventative medicine. Boy, we have saved millions of lives and undue suffering by using vaccinations that help prevent childhood/adult diseases. He made a big deal over a triple antigen H1N1 shot. If you recall, there was a big scare over 'the potential' for the H1N1 to be very dangerous and we (globally) were unprepared. Everyone wanted a vaccine yesterday. Companies went into overdrive to produce a viable vaccine. An antigen is anything that will produce or illicit an immune response so you basically take a virus, break it up so that its non-active but still has some recognizable parts (like breaking up a car so it cannot be driven but you still have a fender wall and you know its a Thunderbird). Anyway, you take those inactive H1N1 parts and inject that to give your immune system something to recognize and produce an immunity to the virus. A triple combination only gives you a better chance of producing antibodies to the full H1N1 virus and therefore not getting sick. If you are a healthy adult, you probably have an immune system that is strong anyway and you may not get sick even if exposed. Those really at risk are children, elderly and immune-compromised. The virus collected from a corpse is actually a good bet since its obviously proven itself to be able to infect man. The virus is purified extensively so there is no trace of the decesased man there. But he did not convey that. He was just as guilty of creating false and misleading information to scare and panic the general public. And, like all conspiracy theorists, this guy would always ask a caller who disagreed with him if they worked for a pharmaceutical company or in the medical profession as if he wanted to immediately discredit the caller as being on the other or wrong side. This guy simply wanted to sell his books.

    I think the crux of the topic was that there was a big scare that this H1N1 virus had 'the potential' to kill lots of people. Countries were unprepared and spent money to get prepared quickly. Now, that the virus has, luckily, not been as virulent as feared, people want to blame somebody and say 'we were scammed' so give us our money back. People easily forget the past and why it was necessary to prepare for the potential threat. We were lucky that it was not as bad as was feared. What would the world say if we did nothing and predicted it to be same as regular flu but then it was extremely virulent and millions died? We had a precedent and it was a serious pandemic last time it came around. You simply cannot predict the future or how bad something will really be before hand. You make your best estimate and try to prepare for the worst-case scenario. That is the whole rationale for getting insurance policies right? You hopefully may never need that car insurance but you sure are glad you have it IF you are in an accident.

  2. This guy was not a quack. For more related info, search youtube for Gary Null speaking out at the NYS assembly. This video contains a ton of information about vaccines and the vaccine industry.
    Gary Null would be a great guest for your show!