Thursday, April 15, 2010

John Stossel examines the Fair Tax

(WEDNESDAY 4/14/10) This week on the Fox Business Channel, John Stossel and several guests, including Neal Boortz, discuss alternatives to the present federal income tax system.

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  1. I don't see the Fairtax as a rational or sincere plan. I could be wrong.

    But check out their "math" and their fine print.

    For example, in their fine print (in the back of the book, hardly mentioned at all) is an astonishing "revenue stream".

    Most money collected for the government by Fairtax, would come from a TAX on government spending. Not just people pay this tax.

    Every government level pays it too, and pays a lot of it. That is how their math works.

    Oh, if you can tax every city 23% of its spending, fine. If you can make every state government pay 23% of its spending as a tax to the federal government fine.

    What alarms me is how sneaky they seem to be about announcing this "tax the government" plan.

    No other revenue stream comes CLOSE to the amount city and state governments would have to pay. So should the book explaining this amazing plan, just barely mention this tax on government?

    IN the first book, The Fairtax Book, they devote one sentence to it. Page 148. "The federal government itself will become a major taxpayer."

    Okay. But it took they three more years before they added the "detail" that city and state and county governments would pay it to.

    And they would pay this tax, incredibly, on all their spending. Not just buying products, but on wages. Yes wages.

    Here are the quotes from the books.

    "The federal government ITSELF will become a MAJOR taxpayer."

    Page 148, The Fairtax Book, by Neal Boortz

    "Fairtax treats all governments alike ---- federal state and local --- as individual consumers"

    Fairtax The Truth Book, page 138.

    "Under our plan, all government purchases of LABOR, supplies, and services, would be subject to the fairtax."

    Government purches of labor? That's wages! All government purchases of goods, wages, and services? It's all taxed?

    Shouldn't they put that in chapter one? Page one? Why hide it?

    DIdn't Fairtax claim only PEOPLE pay taxes? And that corporate taxes were only "pass thru" taxes, because they are passed on to the public.

    Well, were on earth does Fairtax imagine the state and city and county governments will get this massive amount of money?