Monday, January 24, 2011

SUNDAY syndicated program 1/23/11 (hr1)

Hollywood screenwriter Howard Gordon is best known as the Executive Producer of the hit TV series "24" and his award-winning work on "The X-Files," for which he won multiple Golden Globes. "Gideon's War" is Mr. Gordon's first novel, and readers will find many of the same elements of intrigue that made '24' a phenomenal success.

Later in the hour, former DJ and song expert Carl Wiser is here to discuss the top 13 songs whose meanings are totally misunderstood by listeners and what they are really about.
He'll share tidbits of his interviews with musicians like Bryan Adams and Men at Work, and which of their songs have been misconstrued. You may be surprised to learn that:
• BTO's "Taking Care of Business" is actually a slacker anthem.
• "Short People," by Randy Newman, is not about the vertically challenged.
• Bryan Adams was not talking about the year when he wrote "Summer of ‘69."
• "American Woman" and "Born in the U.S.A." are not the patriotic anthems many people think.

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