Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The sad reality of modern-day slavery

MONDAY 11/14/11- Is slavery making a comeback in America? Consider the following news items:

A woman was recently sentenced to 140 years in prison after using two Nigerian immigrants as personal unpaid servants in her luxury home in Atlanta, Georgia. A few days later, two Ukrainian brothers were convicted of smuggling desperate villagers into the United States to work long hours, cleaning retail stores and office buildings at little or no pay. The prosecuting U.S. attorney in Philadelphia said it was "modern-day slavery. It's hiding in plain sight.”

According to a woman who lived through racial prejudice, segregation and slavery in post-World War II Europe, the slavery crisis in the modern world is far worse than people may think. Lucia Mann, author of Rented Silence, warns that "anyone who thinks slavery died when America abolished it in the 1800s has a shock coming to them." Mann, whose mother was a sex slave and a WWII concentration camp survivor, is a former journalist and author of a novel about slavery and racial prejudice based on her life experiences and those of other persecuted souls she witnessed. www.luciamann.com

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